K-9 Bedbug Inspection

Dogs have long been used for bomb, arson, and drug detection. They are now being used in the fight against bedbugs. Through scent detection our dogs are able to locate the presence of bedbugs that would otherwise go undetected with a standard visual inspection.Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, and Homeowners can now benefit from the latest technology in bedbug detection.

After a growing increase in bedbug related service requests within the Ottawa region Pestguard has responded by implementing a K-9 unit to aid in detection & treatment. This valuable inspection tool is the only one of its kind capable of pinpointing exact locations of bedbug infestations. Preventative Inspection and Early detection will ensure your property is bedbug free and lower remediation costs.

With a 90% to 95% accuracy rating in detection this is a substantial advantage over a visual inspection alone which is only 30% accurate in detection. Even the most experienced pest control operators can not see behind walls, baseboards, furniture, and other areas bedbugs will seek harborage. Our dogs are capable of locating bedbug activity before it reaches an level of infestation.

Advantages of K-9 Bedbug Inspection:

About Our Dogs

Our K-9 unit has received over 800 hours of field training from a leader in the field of K-9 scent detection training based in the southern United States. After training dogs for many years for law enforcement and the military (bomb & drug detection) they began training dogs for termite detection. After great success there are now more than 120 working dogs for termite detection within the United States.

With the influx of bedbug activity within North America the next logical step was to start training dogs for bedbug detection to meet this growing demand. There are now more than 40 bedbug detection dogs employed within the United States.

K-9 Bedbug Detection Services