Commercial Services

Each company’s building & manufacturing facilities have different pest management needs. Pestguard offers the solution with customized programs to suit each clients’ service requirements. Through site inspections, customized rodent & insect control programs, pest exclusion services, K-9 Inspection, and humane wildlife control programs we are equipped to handle all of your business’ unique and challenging needs.

Pestguard is dedicated to providing an I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) approach involving monitoring, evaluation, and assessment of products and services rendered. Through our I.PM. approach Pestguard is committed to minimizing our environmental impact with a focus on sanitation, structural, and mechanical solutions before pesticides are considered.

Commercial Services Listing

Site Inspection Programs

Regular site inspections and monitoring of potential pest harborage areas are key in establishing a pro-active approach to pest management. Pestguard will work with you to establish a customized program that suits your needs and offers you the best quality of pest protection available along with all documentation required to meet health and safety standards of your facility. At Pestguard we offer a free initial site inspection & quotation of service for all our commercial clientele along with guaranteed pricing for program durations and no hidden fees.

Interior/Exterior Rodent Control Programs

Interior and Exterior Rodent Control programs are an important aspect of pest protection within any facility. Rodents can cause extensive damage and contamination to a structure and the products stored within it. The results of a rodent infestation can be very costly and in some cases cause the stoppage of regular business operations. Pestguard will develop a program to ensure your business is protected from rodent invasion and so is your bottom line.

Interior/Exterior Insect and Fly Control Programs

Interior and Exterior Insect and Fly Control programs are important to the operation of any business. Pestguard will implement control measures to ensure a comfortable and "pest free" working environment. Through constant evaluation and assessment of our programs we will work with you to ensure effective pest protection. With the use of mechanical light traps, drain and dumpster foaming programs (bio-remediation) Pestguard has a solution for the comprehensive fly control program.

Humane Wildlife Control and Pest Exclusion Services

Wildlife Intruders can cause considerable damage to structures and the associated droppings and urine can become a severe health hazard. At Pestguard we offer humane wildlife removal and pest exclusion/repair services to keep nuisance wildlife out for good. Protect your business from nuisance wildlife with Pestguards' wildlife protection and exclusion programs and avoid expensive costs associated with decontamination and structural repair.

Why Pest Guard?

At Pestguard we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to each clients’ individual pest management requirements. Should you require further information on our products and services don’t hesitate to contact us via our online service request form or give us a call at 613-322-6192 and a representative will be glad to provide further assistance.