Preparation For Treatment

6 Step Preparation For Bedbug Treatment

For treatment of bedbugs to be effective proper preparation is very important. If not properly prepared successful control is unlikely. Eradication of bedbugs generally involves an extensive amount of preparation by the occupant.Following our 6 step process will ensure control will be successfully achieved.

1. Packing/Prep

All furniture must be pulled away from the baseboards 8″ to 10″inches towards the middle of the room.

2. Contents

Dressers, closets, bookshelves, must be emptied and contents are bagged to allow for treatment.

3. Laundry

 Items should tied securely into plastic bags and emptied directly into the washing machine. The bags that contained the clothing should immediately be disposed of and not re-used. Items must be washed in hot water (120F/49C) It is the heat that kills bedbugs not water. Then put in dryer on “Hot” cycle. All items once laundered are then placed in (new) plastic bags. (including drapes, stuffed animals, etc.)


Probably the most important step in preparing for control. Vacuuming will reduce the bedbug population as a preparation for treatment. A crevice attachment should be used on mattress seams, bed legs, box springs, behind picture frames & curtains. Carpets and baseboards should be vacuumed not swept. Vacuum filters/bag should be immediately discarded outdoors away from the home or incinerated.

5. Bedding

The decision to replace bedding depends on the condition and infestation level within the items. If bedding is older replacing it AFTER control is achieved is a good measure.

6. Disposal of items

When items are being thrown away to prevent spreading the infestation. Items thrown away should be bagged, labelled, and defaced to prevent dumpster divers from reclaiming items.

Pesticide Application is only one aspect of establishing bedbug control. All other aspects as mentioned above share equal importance and must be followed.

The premises must be vacated for a minimum of 4 hours following pesticide application.

Infants under the age of 2 and pets should vacate the premises for 24 hours.